Illegal Aliens And Immigration legislation

Illegal Aliens And Immigration legislation

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While watching the news recently with all its controversy about Arizona's Visa Attorneys, the discourse and protesting etc... I began to think, wow what a great country we live in where we can gather and speak our mind. There is no fear of retaliation from our government if we protest in a mannerly and lawful manner. Only in America we can dissent and protest without fear of government intervention. There were thousands of signs waving back and forth protesting this visa attorneys. One Mexican-looking lady had a sign that read, "If you work in this country then you are a legal immigrant". I don't agree with that because if you are here illegally then either you stole someone identity or you are not paying taxes or both. Both of these acts are crimes.


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When people look at the E2 Visa Attorney In US before they attempt to move into that country, they will know what they should do to gain access to that country. There are many different restrictions that countries have placed on immigration and who they will allow to move into their country. When UK Immigration Attorney take the time to prepare themselves for their move, they will have no trouble in gaining entrance to the country and they will have a less frightening transition.


Regardless of your view on the new Arizona Immigration Visa Attorney, it has put the problem front and center for all of us. The issue is simple - if we are not going to have open borders then how do we deal fairly with the influx of millions of immigrants.


New York City has a long history of intolerance. First called New Amsterdam by its Dutch founders. Back then city's first leaders delayed letting the early Jewish immigrants build their own church until 1730. Waves of Irish, Italian and other nationalities passing by the Statue of Liberty to be processed at Ellis Island were greeted with similar initial intolerance. The last ones onshore got the worst jobs with the lowest pay.