How To Design A Greek Letter Shirt For Your Sorority Or Fraternity

How To Design A Greek Letter Shirt For Your Sorority Or Fraternity

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Marketing collateral should capture the attention of your target market, both visually and through the written premise. The graphics, fonts, layout and text chosen must appeal to your audience, or your marketing collateral investment might really be papering the trashcans of individuals who could really enjoy clients. For instance, a person been an investment banker? Then balloons and a cloud motif are most likely not the approach to take - no matter how much you like them. Have you a traveling clown? Then ultra-boring, super-serious cards won't impel kids to beg their parents to provide a call.

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OYou can also use the rule of thirds when attempting to create divisions of your design. It is a bottom third, middle third and upper third. The underside third enables you to contain your contact information, where premium font your name is in the actual middle with the lower third grid.

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I must say that Headway isn't for everyone. Unless you are like me, that very little knowledge of CSS, HTML and PHP but you would want to make your own WordPress theme, Headway may just be the right fit with regard to you. Another prerequisite might be that you are not afraid to tinker around and produce your own creation. Have you ever designed your own WordPress style?